Living with A-fib makes life hard

I was diagnosed with A-fib in 2011 and was on an anti rhythmic medicine multaq that held it at bay till easter weekend 2017. When I got sick with something upchucking and diarhea and my A-fib takes off that in it's self throughs you off, weekness can't breath well with any movement. I feel every beat of my heart and it beats at around 189 beats a minute. After that it seems that sometime every day I would go into a-fib so I kept going back in forth to a cardiologist that kept telling me to have an ablation, bit mever checked for any under lying problem. So I did as he said and went to see a Electrophysiologist to see about the ablation he didn't seem to be anyone I wanted to touch my heart . I decided to go back to one I had seen a couple years pryer, I think that was my first right step he ordered a heart cath. The Dr. that did that saw a blockage in one of my arteries and he sent home said everything looked good he called the next day and said he made mistake my blockage was severe and I needed to have another heart cath with stent. My cardiologist was not happy that they did not put the stent in while they were in there. I was told that if they had doubts about how much blockage they're is a test they can do whole they are in there , but anyway the stent got put in and I am still having the afib my anti rhythmic medicine was changed to rhythmal but it isn't working. Dr. Said Now that they no it isn't caused by valvular disease I my meed an ablation which is where they go in and burn the ends of the electrodes in your heart not really wanting that to be done but at this point I am not seeing an option. Afib can cause you not to breath well when it takes off at 150 beats a minute it is pretty uncomfortable. If you have afib or suspect you have afib go see your Dr. and get the proper care.