Heart Catherization oh no

Ok so I am having a-fib pretty regular I go to my cardiologist actually an electrocardiologist to see about getting an ablation which was not something that would work for me an ablation is where they burn the nerve endings in your heart So the dr decides I need to have a heart cath to look at my heart not to thrilled about that, but all in all there are worst things to have done .For those of you who dont know what a-fib is it is an irregular heart beat. So they prepare me for the heart cath, I wait they take me to the cath lab and move me onto the table and start prepping me then the lights go out. The next thing I know Iam back in the room and was told everything was good. I am happy for that but that is short lived the very next day the Doctor calls advising he has looked at the picures later that evening and I have a significant blockage, well I guess back for another cath to get a stent.