Cancer really bites

I think that most everyone has been touched by the horrors of cancer. So my story begins with my lovely sister in law who got breast cancer,
we did a lot of praying and then we find out it metastasized to her liver……..we are now thinking this is it, she never missed her chemo treatments how could this be, she had 5 children all but one was still at home, they got to watch there momma suffer everyday and couldn't help her. So they tell her surgery is needed to remove the tumor from her liver we prayed for her and God answered our prayers at that time. She went into remission and that lasted about three years it came back with a vengence she was so sick, and we could not help her I could not imagine living life knowing you are going to die or at least thinking that, she lasted about a year and a half, but her last stay in the hospital they tried to send her to a nursing home to die and they knew that if they moved her she would have died then because her body was so fragile, makes you wonder how our health professionals could do that worried more about money than your well being. So many have had cancer only to loose there life this struggle is awful for those fighting it and the loved ones of the cancer victim my sister in law eventually lost her battle. My brother and his children were completely lost where do they go now how do they get by. Only by the grace of God could that be possible. My husbands sister lost her husband to colon cancer, these struggles became all the loved ones struggles as well once you realize that cancer patient is loosing ground and you just love them so much. Look to God he can pull you through.